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Posted on Feb 28, 2019

Overhead Door & Operator

Your garage door is the largest opening in your home. Your Garage also plays an important role in the first line of defense of security of your home. While most people think of parking their cars and storing bikes in their garage, Pensacola homeowners use their garages to store other belongings, too such as expensive tools, high end motor cycles, ETC. Your garage can be the most vulnerable appoint of entry of your home.

Living in a neighborhood with low crime rate won’t protect you if your garage door opens with a power surge, or a cloned remote control. How many people do you know fail to lock the passage door the leads into the home? Garage doors often will serve as a primary entrance and exit of a home. In addition, they are normally isolated.

To help prevent garage doors from attempted break-ins, check out a few tips that will help secure your garage and protect your family.

#1 Keep the GARAGE Door Closed

It’s surprising how many homeowners forget to close their garage, or leave it cracked for ventilation, or cats. This is an invitation for burglars, especially if you keep valuables in there. Make sure the garage door is closed, and that the doors and windows within the garage are closed and locked, will help reduce the risk of break-ins. If your home has an attached garage, it is recommended that the door connecting the two areas is kept locked.
A Well lit Garage will deter theft.
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