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Posted on May 10, 2019

Overhead Door & Operator

Do you Need your Garage Door Repaired in Pensacola?
Some advice on the following garage door repairs:
Torsion Springs: Over time, the Torsion springs in your garage door can wear down and break. The average cost to REPAIR garage door springs will run you around $100 and $200, in some instances, you will need to replace the Torsion Spring for your garage door. Torsion Spring replacement can cost $20-$30 for springs plus labor which can cost up to $180.
Garage Door cable repairs, along with the spring: This is the cable that opens your garage door.
Labor charges will run the same whether you change the one spring or both of them.
If you have a 1 piece garage door, or a tilt up garage door, you might be looking at $150 - $200 repair or full Torsion Spring replacement. If it's a roll-up door it's going to cost you more.
Roll-up door spring repair or replacement is usually around $200 - $250 for a 2 vehicle, or car garage door. Garage Door Opener replacement: Prices for chain-drive openers average between $150 & $200, not including the installation of the garage door opener. This can average between $150 and $300.
There are a lot of choices today for garage door openers and Overhead Door & Operator recommends Lift Master. Garage Door Motors that need to be repaired: Now keep in mind the cost to install a new garage, versus repairing an old one. This is a case by case situation.
Overhead Door & Operator is a Garage door Repair company in Pensacola Florida.
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