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Posted on Mar 15, 2019

Overhead Door & Operator

Looking for a Garage Door Repair Company in Pensacola?
Have your Torsion Spring broke and now your Car is stuck inside of the Garage?

Did you know that Springs can only be used for a certain number of open and close cycles before they break?
Did you know that if you fail to maintain your garage door it puts extra strain on your garage door spring and makes it work harder and speeds up the age of your Spring?

Overhead Door & Operator in Pensacola offers a $68 Maintenance visit and will inspect over 12 key items of maintenance on your Garage Door for you.
While we are out there, if we notice anything broke, you will only pay for the parts needed.
WE will inspect the following:
1)Inspection of Door Springs-Torsion
2)Inspection of Door Cables
3) Inspection of End Cables
4) Inspection of Door Opener Arm and the attachment to the door
5) inspection of the Operation of the Safety Sensor Eyes
6)We will inspect the AUTO REVERSE from force of the door closing
7)Inspection of GEAR in the Garage Door Opener
8)Inspection of the Sprocket on the Door Opener
9)We will lubricate all MOVING PARTS
10)We will inspect the CHAIN TIGHTNESS as well as CABLE DRIVE
11) We will check for any LOOSE BOLTS
12) we will look for CORRODED WIRES that need to be cleaned and re-worked on your door opener.

By maintaining your Garage Door and the Opener, it will prolong the life of both of them and keep your family safe.

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Overhead Door & Operator

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