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Posted on Mar 20, 2019

Overhead Door & Operator

Garage Door Service Call Pensacola $68-
Maintenance on your garage door is important to do, but most of us overlook doing it. if you are going to attempt to perform it yourself, lets go over the garage door equipment so you are familiar with the various parts.
Garage Door Springs-
Double Garage Doors use two springs to produce Torque, or energy to counter the weight of the door to make it easier to lift by hand, or your garage door opener. These springs have a life shelf of 10,000 cycles, which seem like a lot until you have kids constantly going in and out. As the spring wears, it puts a strain on your garage door opener. This will cause the plastic teeth that pulls the cable to lift the door to wear out.
Always inspect your garage door springs and look to see if they are weakening.
Broken garage door springs are pretty obvious to spot because they generally break in half and your garage door wont open. This is where it gets dangerous because if your car is trapped in the garage and you are in a hurry to get somewhere, people try to force it open. However, with every revolution of the garage door spring when operating, it is under tremendous force and if you attempt to remove the garage door spring, it could snap your hand off. Now if your garage door is stuck half way, do not use the garage door opener, because it will damage it. Do NOT pull the emergency release cord on the garage door opener.
Overhead Door & Operator Pensacola
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